Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Protests Over Viennese Church Transfer Continue

Protests in Vienna continue over a church there that was recently given to the Serbian Orthodox Church of St. Sava. Many of the former Roman Catholic parish's 800 members have signed a petition for the church's return. Oddly enough, the parish was apparently one of the better attended in its district, which makes one wonder why the Archdiocese of Vienna chose it for transfer to the Church of Serbia. The ethnic makeup of the former parish (which was/is largely Polish) in a country of a very different ethnicity makes the whole situation doubly interesting. More here.


  1. Goodness! There's a gift and a half! I wish someone would do that with us. The Shrewsbury Diocese could have given us Ss Peter and Paul, although given the bad feeling there has been about its closure I'm glad we weren't on the receiving end of the gift or the accompanying, and quite understandable, hostility.

  2. Seriously :-/! This particular situation is unfortunate, but overall it's a pity this doesn't happen more - you'd think the Anglicans and Roman Catholics would prefer the Orthodox use their abandoned churches rather than selling them to be turned into discos and cafes and whatnot.