Sunday, February 27, 2011

St. Valentine of Rome

Joyous feast! There were two (or three?) different martyrs from the West named Valentine, but the one best known today is St. Valentine of Rome, the priest martyred under Emperor Claudius II for marrying young couples despite an edict forbidding it (this was an effort to increase conscription to the imperial army).

I know some Orthodox today resent new style St. Valentine's day as a symbol of misdirected romantic love and hedonism, but I personally have a strong appreciation for the saint. He shed his blood for love and the family - it's hard to be against that! I also feel that he has granted a request I brought to him some time ago, one I felt would not and even could not be granted, and so I am profoundly grateful to him for his prayers.

More on St. Valentine's life can be found here and here. His relics remain at the Church of St. Praxedes in Rome. May his blessing and prayers be with us all!

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