Friday, February 18, 2011

Icon of Charles I

The monthly newsletter of St. Mark's Church in Denver has an icon of Anglican King Charles I of England (killed for his perceived sympathy for Roman Catholicism) in its February edition. Check it out here. Francis of Assisi, Charles I - perhaps Mahatma Gandhi could be the next candidate for addition to the repertoire of Orthodox iconographers?


  1. If you ever have a chance to read the editor's account of his conversion to Orthodoxy all will become clear. It seems little to do with realising he was outside the Church of Christ and in need of entering it but rather lamenting his former home's abandonment of nice services, which were to be found in Orthodoxy.

    I cannot judge him or possibly know what is in his heart but this is the message I find in the words that he wrote for An Introduction to Western Rite Orthodoxy.

  2. How unfortunate :-/. It's rather difficult to defend the Western Rites against accusations of Protestantism when we allow the Anglican Rite and have Western Orthodox faithful publishing newsletters with icons of heretics...