Friday, February 25, 2011

Egyptian Court Acquits Accomplices of Nag Hammadi Murderer

As Copts protest the Egyptian Army's attacks on Anba Bishoi and Anba Makary Monasteries and the martyrdom of Fr. Daoud Boutros, an Egyptian court has acquitted the two accomplices of the man responsible for the murder of six Copts and a Muslim in Nag Hammadi in January 2010.

Upon learning of the verdict, which issued the death penalty for the murderer, Bishop Kyrillos of Nag Hammadi of the Coptic Orthodox Church said that the ruling demonstrated that "the blood of a Christian is worth nothing." It is believed that the death sentence was imposed because of the death of the Muslim, who was a security guard at the church that was attacked. More on the ruling here.

The names of the six New Martyrs of Nag Hammadi are Abanub, Aiman (Macarius), Bishoi (Paisius), Boula (Paula), Mina (Menas), and Rafik (Clement). Most were in their teens and all were under thirty.

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