Thursday, June 9, 2011

Genuine Orthodox Church Receives HOCNA Canadian Clergy

The Genuine Orthodox Church of Greece under Archbishop Kallinikos of Athens reportedly received five of the Canadian clergymen of the Holy Orthodox Church of North America (HOCNA) on the feast of the Ascension, with Metropolitan Moses of Portland and Bishop Sergios of Loch Lomond (both formerly of the HOCNA) participating in their reception alongside Metropolitan Pavlos of Astoria. More here.


  1. There was some confusion on this, so let me clarify it for your readers. There are five priests in Toronto who joined our Church. There was also a Fr. George Kochergin in Massachusetts. Only the latter concelebrated on Ascension at Holy Ascension Monastery in New York. Metropolitan Moses was invited to preside, but it was not an episcopal concelebration, because the monastery chapel is small. The bishops did, however, concelebrate on the Sunday before and after, at St. Isidoros Parish and St. Markella Cathedral, respectively.

  2. Thank you for the clarification Fr. Anastasios! I read a couple of different posts about the news and wasn't sure of the details. It's wonderful to see your jurisdiction and parts of the HOCNA coming together.