Tuesday, June 28, 2011

St. Michael of Kiev

Joyous feast! С праздником! St. Michael was the first Metropolitan of Kiev elected by the Church of Constantinople after the conversion of St. Vladimir and Rus' in 988, arriving in Rus' in 989 with other clergy sent to continue the Christianization of the country. Some chronicles say that the Saint was a Syrian, but others claim him to have been a Bulgarian or Serb.

Metropolitan Michael was zealous in preaching the Gospel, traveling throughout Rus' to baptize and teach his young flock and everywhere founding churches and schools. The Saint was gentle, but also strict and is remembered in some chronicles as 'the Initiator' for his work in implanting Orthodoxy in the hearts of the people of Rus'.

St. Michael reposed in 992 having only served three years in the Kiev cathedra and was buried in the city's Church of the Tithe. More on the Saint's life can be found here. May his blessing and prayers be with us all!

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