Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hungarians Call for Investigation of Alba Iulia Attack

Hungary's ruling party has called on the Romanian government to investigate a recent attack on a Hungarian Catholic clergyman in the city of Alba Iulia during which the clergyman's attackers shouted anti-Hungarian slogans and beat him with baseball bats. More here.

Relations between Hungary and Romania have been improving in recent years, but Romania's Hungarian minority still faces a great deal of discrimination for its past dominance of local government when Transylvania (now northwestern Romania) was part of the Kingdom of Hungary.


  1. strange, St Stephen the Great is half Hungarian and half Transylvanian.......

  2. I hadn't realized that! I have a Hungarian-American friend who is Orthodox and always looking for Hungarian saints to venerate - I'll have to tell him :-).

    It's sad when such little things serve as a rationale to hurt others - what sickness.