Thursday, June 9, 2011

Protestant Appointed Vice-Chairman of Muslim Brotherhood Party

It turns out that the Egyptian Christian appointed vice-chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood's political party, Rafiq Habib, is not a Copt, but an Evangelical Protestant scholar of politics and Islam. More here.

I had thought the Brotherhood had strong-armed a Copt into its party's leadership to lessen the Copts' fears of living in an Islamist state, but to find that the appointee is not even Orthodox makes me wonder how on earth the Brotherhood thinks it can seriously claim to represent (or want to represent) the interests of all Egyptians when it doesn't even understand the significant differences between Orthodox Copts and the followers of Western religious movements in Egypt.

Regardless, the link above includes an interesting interview with Habib on his reasons for supporting the "moderate" Muslim Brotherhood that's worth a read.

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