Monday, August 8, 2011

Les Vacances d'Août

In line with that venerable Western European custom of keeping August as a month for holidays I will myself be going on holiday. If working half the month, moving from one end of the United States near to the other, and beginning another term of my masters classes can be classified as a holiday anyway ;-). In truth I'll have a week and a bit in the middle of all of that to travel about visiting family and friends, so it won't be a total zoo of a month (and thank God!).

Regardless, while I'm sure I'll still be posting, I will likely not have the time to monitor the news at home and abroad with the thoroughness that I normally attempt. Additionally, I will be scaling back work this fall while also taking more classes, so how that will impact my ability to maintain this blog remains to be seen.

So, your patience over this next month or so please and, as always, your prayers! God grant all of you a joyous Dormition, whether you're celebrating on the Julian or Gregorian calendars or even the Ethiopian ;-)!

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