Thursday, July 14, 2011

Romanian Orthodox Metropolitan Consecrates Church in Ukraine

The head of the schismatic Romanian Orthodox Metropolitanate of Bessarabia, Metropolitan Peter of Chisinau, has consecrated a Romanian Orthodox church in the town of Komyshivka (also known as Hagi-Curd) in Ukraine's Budjak district. More (in Romanian) here.

The Budjak district together with all of Ukraine and Moldova are under the jurisdiction of the Russian Orthodox Church, which established the first diocese in the region of Bessarabia (to which both Moldova and Budjak belong) following its incorporation into the Russian Empire and later resumed jurisdiction over the region following its annexation to the Soviet Union. Rather than dialogue with the Moscow Patriarchate over the status of the Orthodox Church in Moldova and Budjak the Bucharest Patriarchate instead unilaterally established its own ethnic metropolitanate and dioceses in the region following the collapse of the USSR.

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