Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Liturgical Renewal"

The first part of David Petras' survey of liturgical changes and reforms within Ukrainian and Ruthenian Catholicism can be found here. Petras is a Ruthenian Catholic archpriest serving in the Metropolia of Pittsburgh.

Pictured is St. Mary's Ruthenian Catholic Church in Sheppton, Pennsylvania. Its iconostas is a good example of the latinizations formerly (and currently?) common in Byzantine Catholicism, although it is more substantial than was often the case in pre-Vatican II Ruthenian Catholicism.


  1. Thanks for posting...Might have to make a trip sometime to that seminary in Pittsburgh. Keep forgetting I'm actually still in a good location for research on the various manifestations of the Ukrainian Church! :-)

  2. That's right! Pittsburgh's a big center for Ruthenian and Ukrainian Catholicism - I know the former have the metropolia there, but I think the Ukrainian Catholics have an eparchy as well? The American Orthodox Church has a lovely bishop there (Melchisedek Pleska, who I might be Ukrainian or Ruthenian background, though I don't know for sure). The Polish Old Catholics also have a diocese centered there if I'm not mistaken.