Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Al Qaeda-Affiliated Website Threatens Copts

An Al Qaeda-affiliated website has listed the names of more than a hundred Coptic Orthodox Christians in Canada, together with their addresses and phone numbers, whom it claims have sought to convert Muslims to Orthodoxy. On the website's forum participants spoke of forcing those named to 'return to Islam' (a foreign faith to Egypt and especially to its native Copts) and of beheading them if they refused to do so.

Nearly a hundred other Copts living in other parts of the world were also listed on the website. Copts living in Canada said they had no one to fear save God and have already begun talking with the Canadian police, but also stated that they were concerned for those Copts named on the website who live in Egypt, where the government's commitment to their security is nominal at best. More here.

Pictured is a Coptic Orthodox church in Canada.

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