Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Transfer of Bishop Mark of Toledo

It is a joyful sadness for me to hear that Bishop Mark (Maymon) of Toledo is to be transferred from the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of North America to the American Orthodox Church. I'm sure he'll be missed by his former diocese, but God knows he'll be freer in his service to the faithful of the OCA. God grant him many years!


  1. Oh, I've heard good things about him. I understand it was he who made efforts to rein in some of the excesses in his diocese and was met with opposition from below and above. I pray that he will find himself better able in his new home to perform the role within the Church for which he has been ordained and consecrated. Many years to his new diocese, and a hearty Eis polla eti, dhespota! to Bishop Mark from these Isles.

  2. That's pretty much it :-). He's been my favorite Antiochian Orthodox bishop ever since I saw him standing in the nave at the local Synodal parish during Vladyka Laurus' visit before the reconciliation (and then later concelebrating at Vladyka Laurus' funeral).

    I still haven't heard what the Holy Synod decided - they may have shelved it until the latest drama from the AOANA is clarified.