Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Statement on the ROEA's Impending Union with the Bucharest Patriarchate

Vladica Nathaniel of the ROEA has just posted a statement on the impending absorption of his diocese into the Bucharest Patriarchate. I know of a couple of communities, one over half Romanian and the other hardly Romanian at all, that would prefer to remain part of the OCA should union occur and so one question I have in all of this is whether those communities of the ROEA that do not desire unity with the Bucharest Patriarchate will be released from the ROEA and allowed to remain in the American Orthodox Church, either as a separate non-territorial Romanian Orthodox diocese or as parts of the territorial dioceses, or forced to join the patriarchal Romanian Orthodox Church? It would be nice to see a statement on that on the ROEA's website at some point...


  1. Good question. The Romanians are confusing me.

  2. Mm. Too bad the nuns aren't supposed to talk a lot ;-).