Wednesday, October 20, 2010

40th Anniversary of the OCA's Acronym Change

Apparently today marks the fortieth anniversary of the name change of the newly autocephalous Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church of America (ROGCCA) to being the "Orthodox Church in America." Am I embarrassed that I belong to the only Local Orthodox Church that prefers to be known by an acronym like some trendy 1970s club? Yes. Do I generally try to avoid using our sad acronym-name where possible? Yes. Am I thankful for autocephaly? Yes :-). Guess we're stuck with the acronym-name for the time being. Maybe I'll start calling myself an "OCAer Orthodox" or "OCAan Orthodox" instead of American Orthodox...


  1. The only one that goes by an acronym? I find that hard to believe. I thought you were going to say you were embarrassed that ours is only three letters- or maybe that it doesn't sound like it could be a Transformer (ROCOR anyone?)

  2. Well, that too, but I figured I'd gone far enough as it was ;-).