Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fourth Rome

I just realized that I've named my new blog after an inside joke and also failed to explain that joke in my first post! (It was my intention to do so - I forget things far too easily :-/.)

It's not much of a story I'm afraid! Years ago I remember reading some nut's blog about the United States being the world's "fourth Rome" in the tradition of Rome, Constantinople, and Moscow and claiming that the Orthodox Church in the USA should be first ranking within world Orthodoxy over the Churches of Constantinople, Alexandria, et cetera. Somehow that coupled with the yearly visits of Archbishop Job (Osacky) of thrice blessed memory to my parish in small town America grew into a parish joke about our town being the predestined seat of the patriarchate of our American "fourth Rome."

Since my posts are bound to be as kooky as the thought of our little town being the new Moscow (much less the newest Rome!) I thought I'd name this blog after our little Nova Roma :-). Short story long, that's the reasoning behind my blog's name! 'Nough said on that

Disclaimer: This blog is in no officially way representative of, affiliated with, or backed by my parish, the American Orthodox ("OCA") Diocese of Chicago and Midwestern America, or the American Orthodox Church.


  1. I am so happy about the title of your blog.

  2. I made sure to get His All-Holiness Patriarch Eduardo's blessing first ;-).