Thursday, July 26, 2012

Macedonia Celebrates 45th Anniversary of the Restoration of Autocephaly

In its recent session earlier this month the Holy Synod of the independent Macedonian Orthodox Church reaffirmed the year's programs celebrating the 45th anniversary of the restoration of the Archdiocese of Ohrid's autocephaly in 1967, noting that the celebrations will include the glorification in Kicevo of the New Martyrs Eusebius, Paisius, and Avercius of the Turkish Yoke, who suffered for the Lord in 1558. More in Macedonian here.


  1. You mean "schism", don't you?

    1. This is one of those situations where I think both sides have overreacted. Not that my opinion matters of course :-). But who accepted the autocephaly of Rus' when it was first proclaimed? Or of Bulgaria (the first, second, and third times :-) )? The Serbs are greedy for their share of the Balkan War spoils, the Greeks are insecure about their ethnicity and identity, and the Bulgarians are living in a past when Macedonians and Bulgarians self-identified as one people. As with Ukraine and Bessarabia/Moldova, it's time to let Macedonia have its own church - it certainly has a great deal of precedent for it in the history of the Archdiocese of Ohrid.

    2. The Moscow Patriarchate considered the ROCOR a schism for a number of years, yet its members went back and forth between itself, the Patriarchate, and the independent dioceses (the OCA, the Paris Exarchate) for decades, and the Synod Abroad first glorified the Royal Martyrs, the New Martyrs, St. John of San Francisco, et cetera. Political schisms are not of lasting significance, and I feel that will be the case with the Macedonian situation.