Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Weaverville Monastery Brotherhood Moves to Ukraine

A somewhat controversial monastery received into the American Orthodox Church (OCA) from the Ruthenian Catholic Church (more on that here) has been received into the autonomous Ukrainian Orthodox Church with the blessing of Metropolitan Jonah (Paffhausen) of the OCA to be reestablished in Ruthenia (the Transcarpathian oblast of the Ukraine).


  1. Feb. 21, 2012 meeting of the Holy Synod of the UOC-MP:

    The Synod blessed the opening in the city of Zhdanovka in the Donetsk region of the Holy Dormition Skete of the women's Kasperovsk Monastery, and in the Vorocheva village in the
    Transcarpathian region of the Holy Protection Monastery (appointing as its head Archimandrite Gregory [Wendt]), and appointed Archimandrite Simeon (Gagatik) as the head of Holy Trinity
    Monastery in Akhtyrsk in the Sumy Diocese.

  2. That is a highly (dare I say extremely?) unusual transfer if that is the case; I am not aware of any other parish or monastery being under the direct jurisdiction of the Church of the Ukraine outside of the Ukrainian state's borders. (Unless they have a representation in Moscow.)

  3. When I have a moment I'll go through the journals of the Local Synod's meetings and double check to see if they list that monastery's location.

  4. What "Local Synod" are you talking about. The monk Gregory Wendt, his "adopted son", who is also a monk Fr. Nikolai and a 3rd monk have moved to Ukraine.
    Fr. Gregory is now the heuguman of a monastery called Holy Protection Monastery (Pokrova in Ukrainian)in
    village of Vorocheva in the Transcarpathian region of Western Ukraine and will be living there along with his adopted son Fr. Nikolai.
    The third monk from the USA Fr. Damian Gibault is going to Holy Trinity Monastery in Akhtyrsk in the Sumy Diocese, in Southern Ukraine. This is all in the minutes of the UOC-MP Synod meeting.
    All 3 monks are in Ukraine under the UOC-MP. There is no connection with the UOC-USA at all or the MP in the USA.

  5. Ah, forgive me - that's what I get for reading things in a rush :-/. And I'm still in a rush. Happy St. Patrick's day! Cheers...