Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Saidnaya Monastery Attacked

It is being reported that Syrian rebels have attacked the Antiochian Orthodox Church's world famous Saydnaya Monastery, firing shells at the pilgrimage center that fortunately did not explode upon impact. (Their failure to explode is being credited as a miracle of the Mother of God, to whom Saydnaya is dedicated.) More (in Greek) here.

There are concerns that as the Syrian uprisings continue Syria's religious minorities, who have enjoyed equal rights under the secular Baathist rule of President Bashar al-Assad, will increasingly become the targets of the anti-Assad rebels. Please keep Syria and its peoples in your prayers!

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  1. As expected. The West supports these 'unarmed protesters', but some of us know better. These are islamists, who can wish for nothing more than democracy, as it can bring them what they want. In societies where extremism is mainstream, democracy brings extremists to power. Syria's and Egypt's presidents held islamists at bay, and protected Christians to a degree. Now, with islamists being elected, Christians are fleeing from Egypt. If Syria too fall, same will happen there..