Friday, October 21, 2011

Kiev Patriarchate Holy Synod Approves Unity Dialogue with UAOC, Appeals to Ukrainian Orthodox Church for Dialogue

The fall session of the Holy Synod of the independent Ukrainian Orthodox Church has concluded in Kiev. Under the leadership of Patriarch Philaret (Denysenko) of Kiev the Holy Synod discussed recent political developments in Ukraine and approved an appeal to the autonomous Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Ukraine's largest Orthodox Church and the only one recognized by the Local Orthodox Churches, to resume dialogue with the Kiev Patriarchate oriented towards the creation of a united, independent Church of Ukraine.

The Holy Synod also approved the resumption of the unity dialogue with the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, of which the independent Ukrainian Orthodox Church was briefly a part prior to the rise of Patriarch Philaret to the leadership of the Kiev Patriarchate. The dialogue was recognized as the only potentially fruitful dialogue currently being engaged in by the Kiev Patriarchate.

Lastly, in addition to dealing with various pastoral matters the Holy Synod also approved the local glorification of St. Mercurius of Bryhyntsi, a confessor of the Soviet Yoke, by the Eparchy of Chernigov. More (in Ukrainian) on the recent session of the Holy Synod can be found here.

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