Friday, April 15, 2011

Milan Synod in Spain Against Reconciliation with Moscow Patriarchate

The Spanish hierarchs of the Old Calendrist Milan Synod have protested its decision to dialogue with the Russian Orthodox Church and commemorate Patriarch Kirill (Gundyayev) of Moscow in the divine services. The decision is being protested "at the highest levels" of the Milan Synod in Spain, but as it consists of two or three churches and missions in the country it is doubtful that the protests will have much effect on the Synod's decision to seek reconciliation with mainstream Orthodoxy. More here.


  1. Actually, it's unclear at this point exactly what Spain's position is; in fact they have closer to 8 churches and missions in the region, but it seems they have been more surprised at the sudden claim on Milan's part to retire both Bishops and make Abundius of Lecco the "vicar of Sevilla and all Spain".

    The wording of the original claim from Milan was changed, and now both parties have been pretty much silent for the week.

  2. It's grown since I last looked then! I hope it works out in favor of unity (both within the Synod and with Moscow) of course, but God guides...