Sunday, March 20, 2011

Conspiracy Theorists Lovin' the Latest OCA Kerfuffle

I keep trying not to read some of the craziness that's being posted about the recent events in the American Orthodox Church (OCA), but then I find stuff like this: "There is clearly a progressive clique at the national levels of American Orthodoxy which operates in a lethargic fashion under some variant of 'Neuhas' Law' for whom “orthodoxy is optional.” We’re probably talking about nothing more than inertia here. At first, I believed that this was a gay cabal but I think that’s rather restrictive. Don’t get me wrong, gay cabals have always existed within institutions but this is more than that."

Beware of people who have strong opinions centering on the existence of conspiracies involving gay cabals, Red Commies, aliens, Jews, Fascists, little green men, and all the rest. No offense to anyone, I'm just sayin' :-). And no, I'm not part of any of the above conspiracies. (I wish! I might be getting paid to write this if I was ;-).)

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