Monday, March 28, 2011

Betwixt East and West?

Although clearly outside the Orthodox Church, the situation of the Eastern Catholic Churches is a truly unique one. Check this out on the rejection by the Melkite Catholic Church of the post-Great Schism 'ecumenical' councils of the Roman Catholic Church.


  1. This is not really all that startling. No less a figure than Pope Paul VI opened the door to a re-categorization of councils held in the West after Nicaea II. For details, go here:

  2. So they would still be considered general councils (as our council upholding the teachings of St. Gregory Palamas is) and universally binding. It's a logical distinction to make since it was the Roman emperors who convened ecumenical councils - it's been impossible to have one since 1453.

  3. Though I suppose from a Western perspective the Holy Roman emperors could have convened councils in the tradition of the original seven/eight :-).