Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bulgarian Orthodox Church Receives OCA Bulgarian Orthodox Parish in Toronto

With the blessing of Patriarch Maxim (Rachev) of Sofia, Metropolitan Joseph (Bosakov) of New York of the patriarchal Bulgarian Orthodox Church in North America and Australia has received St. George's Church in Toronto, formerly a parish of the Bulgarian Orthodox Diocese of Toledo and North America of the American Orthodox Church, into his care.

There is no notice of the transfer on the website of the OCA and no indication of whether the transfer occurred with the blessing of Bishop Melchisedek (Pleska) of Pittsburgh, locum tenens of the OCA's Bulgarian Orthodox Diocese, or not. The transfer comes not long after the announcement of episcopal candidates for the OCA's diocese, neither of whom were of Bulgarian or Macedonian heritage and one of whom was actually Greek. More here.

Update (2:02pm): I've just heard back from the office of Bishop Melchisedek and am told that he said that St. George's Church "has not been released to any other jurisdiction."

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