Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Romanian Orthodox Holy Synod Meets in Bucharest

The Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church opened its first session of the year today with the singing of Memory Eternal for the newly reposed Metropolitan Bartolomeu (Anania) of Cluj. During his introductory talk Patriarch Daniel (Ciobotea) announced that St. Herodion of the Lainici Monastery would be glorified this year. More here.

Update: The Holy Synod also took decisions to undertake a national collection for the building of a patriarchal cathedral in Bucharest (the construction of which is underway), to appoint hierarchs for a joint committee with the Romanian Catholic Church to resume their past dialogue, and to begin a dialogue with the Serbian Orthodox Church concerning the Church of Romania's uncanonical incursions into the territory of the Church of Serbia. More on that and other decisions taken at the Holy Synod's recent session can be found here.

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