Thursday, June 7, 2012

Russian Orthodox Holy Synod Establishes New Dioceses, Metropolitanates in Russia

In addition to reviewing recent events in the life of the Russian Orthodox Church, at its session this month the Russian Orthodox Holy Synod also established the new dioceses and metropolitanates for the Republic of Tatarstan, the regions of Belgorod, Ivanovo, and Omsk, and the Stavropol' Territory.

The Orthodox Church in Tatarstan, previously organized as the Eparchy of Kazan', was reorganized to establish the new Eparchies of Almetyevsk and Chistopol'. Igumen Methodius (Zaitsyev) was elected as Bishop of Almetyevsk while the newly elevated Metropolitan Anastasius (Metkin) of Kazan' was given temporary care of the Eparchy of Chistopol'.

In the Belgorod region of southwestern Russia the Eparchies of Gubkin and Valuyki were established. Igumen Sophronius (Kitayev) was elected Bishop of Gubkin, whilst the newly elevated Metropolitan John (Popov) of Belgorod was given care of the Valuyki Eparchy.

The Ivanovo Eparchy in central Russia was divided to establish the new Eparchies of Kineshma and Shuya. Archimandrite Nicon (Fomin) and Igumen Hilarion (Kaigorodtsev) were elected Bishops of Kineshma and Shuya respectively.

In western Siberia's Omsk region the Eparchies of Isilkul, Kalachinsk, and Tara were established. Igumen Sabbatius (Zagryebyelniy) was elected Bishop of Tara and Hieromonk Peter (Mansurov) was elected Bishop of Kalachinsk with Metropolitan Vladimir (Ikim) of Omsk being left in charge of the Eparchy of Isilkul.

The Eparchy of Stavropol', with jurisdiction over Stavropol' Territory in southern Russia, was equally divided to create the new Eparchy of Georgiyevsk, which was entrusted to the newly elevated Metropolitan Cyril (Pokrovskiy) of Stavropol'.

At the request of the Local Synod of the Belorussian Orthodox Church the Holy Synod also transferred Bishop Stephen (Neshcheret) of Turau to the vacant Eparchy of Homyel in southeastern Belarus and auxiliary Bishop Leonid (Fil') of Rechitsa to the newly vacated Eparchy of Turau in southern Belarus.

The Holy Synod also accepted the retirement of auxiliary Bishop Eutyches or Evtikhiy (Kurochkin) of Domodedovo, formerly a diocesan bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR) in Russia and more recently (since the reconciliation with the ROCOR) an auxiliary of the Moscow Patriarchate.

A brief report in English on the Holy Synod's recent session can be found here, while the full report in Russian can be read here.

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