Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Crimean Police, Cossacks Clash Over Cross

Clashes have broken out between Crimean police and representatives of Crimea's Cossack community over the erection of a cross in the city of Theodosia. The cross was erected by Crimean Cossacks in May without governmental permission and in the face of protests from the Crimean Tatar community in the area and was subsequently removed by the authorities. The clashes occurred last week when the Cossacks and other Orthodox Christians from Theodosia marched to the cross' original site and attempted to place it there again.

After the clashes, which shocked the Crimean public due to the police's brutality in responding to the procession to restore the cross, the mayor of Theodosia guaranteed the cross' eventual return to its original site after due process had been followed by the Cossacks in obtaining government permission for its placement. More here.

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