Thursday, May 5, 2011

Patriarchs of Jerusalem Meet After Pascha

Patriarch Theofilos III (Giannopoulos) of Jerusalem and the head of the autonomous Armenian Orthodox Church of Jerusalem, Patriarch Torkom II (Manoogian), have met together following the celebration of the Lord's Pascha in the Holy City.

In his address to the Armenian Orthodox delegation Patriarch Theofilos asked God to "renew in us faith, hope, and love, so that our mission here in the Holy Land...may be a beacon of the hope of resurrection." Speaking for the Armenian Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem, Archbishop Nourhan (Manougian) expressed the Armenian Orthodox Church's gladness that the previous "unhealthy atmosphere of distrust" in Jerusalem is being replaced by a spirit of collaboration, revealing the Jerusalemite and Armenian Orthodox in the Holy Land as "one Body and one entity."

More on the meeting of the two Patriarchs of Jerusalem and their delegations can be found here and here.

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