Friday, May 6, 2011

"OCA Truth" Unsure of the Definition of Propaganda

The writers behind the OCA Truth website that has been running a smear campaign against the hierarchy of the American Orthodox Church (OCA) has issued another response to the recent publication of their identities. In it they write in part that they have been "snarky and sarcastic...this is a blog. It's not journalism, it's advocacy." This was said despite their earlier claims to have "no interest in publishing propaganda" or anything not "100% true." Interesting :-).

Meanwhile, and much more significantly, the joint meetings of the Holy Synod and Metropolitan Council of the OCA are winding up today in Chicago. So far both the spring session of the Holy Synod and its joint meeting with the Metropolitan Council have no publicly published results beyond the release of Fr. Joseph Fester from his duties as rector of St. Nicholas' Cathedral in Washington, DC.


  1. I like how they think people only complained after their identities were revealed. No, people had issues with the content the entire time and said as much. People thought it was bad sausage all along, but when they saw how the sausage was made it was much worse. I've been disappointed that the only reaction out of the authors of that site has been defensiveness rather than any sort of admission of error on any count.

  2. Seriously! I had hoped the publication of their identities would bring about some sort of contrition or reasonableness on their part, but unfortunately it seems to have done no such thing :-/.