Friday, May 6, 2011

OCA Holy Synod, Metropolitan Council Spring Sessions Adjourn

The spring sessions of the Holy Synod and Metropolitan Council of the American Orthodox Church (OCA) in Chicago have ended. In the first part of its session prior to its joint session with the Metropolitan Council the Holy Synod decided that from hereon out the First Hierarch of the OCA, while remaining responsible for appointing diocesan locum tenenses, would be expected to appoint other members of the hierarchy as locum tenenses, that the hiring and firing of members of the Chancery of the OCA was the responsibility of the Holy Synod as a whole, and that a lesser Holy Synod would be responsible to meet every other month to work together with the Metropolitan of Washington to oversee the life of the Church as a whole.

The minutes of the Holy Synod's session can be found here, whilst a summary of its joint session with the Metropolitan Council can be found here. All of the members of the hierarchy of the OCA, including the auxiliary bishops, were present for both sessions with the exception of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America's auxiliary Bishop Irineu (Duvlea) of Dearborn Heights, who judging from published accounts of his activities and travels prefers to meet with the hierarchs of the Bucharest Patriarchate in the United States over his brother hierarchs in the OCA.

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