Thursday, April 7, 2011

Romanian Orthodox Church in Jericho

In addition to its intrusions into the canonical territories of the Russian and Serbian Orthodox Churches the Romanian Orthodox Church has also violated the territory of the mother of Christianity, the Church of Jerusalem, by unilaterally building a Romanian Orthodox church in Jericho functioning as a regular parish of the Church of Romania and not as a representation to the Patriarchate of Jerusalem. The Church of Jerusalem is considering breaking communion with the Church of Romania should the latter refuse to resolve the issue of the Jericho parish. More here.


  1. Are you the mouthpiece of the "Moscow Patriarchate"? In Basarabia it's not the Romanians thast are the real intruders.
    C. Ilea

  2. It's "Bessarabia" in English and although it has been part of the Moscow Patriarchate's canonical territory in recent history I was thinking more about the Romanian Orthodox churches organized in Ukraine and Russia under the Bucharest Patriarchate's Metropolia of Chisinau. And regardless of your views on the existence and history of Moldova, they do indeed violate the territory of another Orthodox Church.

  3. So, just because the Muscovite church was able to f''*&^^ up some neighboring churches that establishes some unquestionable canonical rights. Sell that to teary-eyed American Russophiles, we won't buy it, sir.

  4. So Ukraine should be under Bucharest :-)? Somehow I doubt the Ukrainians will buy that, but then again, what do I know? It's not like I've been there or anything...