Monday, April 4, 2011

North American Daughter of Milan Synod Recognizes Broken Communion

The North American daughter of the Old Calendrist Milan Synod today recognized that it is no longer in communion with the Milan Synod due to its efforts to unite with the Russian Orthodox Church (more on that here). The North American metropolia remains in communion with the Milan Synod's sister churches in Bulgaria, Greece, and the former USSR. More here.


  1. Actually if you were to read the Milan Synod website you would see that it is they who first broke relations with all TOC Sister Churches in favor of the Moscow Patriarchate. Cf. Hermitage Journal & NFTU-news. Our American Metropolia simply made a statement of fact based on the actions of the Italian-Milan Synod.

    Fr Symeon

  2. Just posted that :-) - I'll update accordingly. Thanks!