Friday, April 8, 2011

Festal Services in Ukrainian Orthodox Parish in Romania

Bishop Lucian (Mic) of Caransebes celebrated Annunciation today in a parish in Zorile, Romania. (More on that here.) This wouldn't be particularly noteworthy were it not that this parish is a Ukrainian Orthodox community in Romania (and therefore under the jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of Bucharest, whose canonical territory Romania is) and on the Julian calendar, whose Romanian Orthodox faithful were persecuted and cast out of the Church of Romania from the 1920s onwards.

Were all the Orthodox to follow the principles being adopted by the Bucharest Patriarchate outside Romania, then the Zorile parish would be under Moscow or perhaps Kiev, whilst others in southwestern Romania would be under the Pech Patriarchate and still more in southern and southeastern Romania would be under the Sofia Patriarchate. Perhaps in the near future the Bucharest Patriarchate will transfer its non-Romanian parishes in Romania to their "rightful" Churches so that 'there is Jew and Greek, slave and free, male and female, for all are divided in Christ Jesus' as the Scriptures say...


  1. You have no idea of what you are talking about really. Typical of recent American converts though. You do not know the situation on the ground in southern and southwestern Romania. The Serbs there are indeed under the Serbian Patriarchate, while the Bulgarians are a numerically insignificant community.
    You have repeatedly displayed your ignorance when talking about the Romanian church here (and probably other national/autocephalous churches as well, but since I am not that familiar with them I will not go there). Why don't you limit your comments to the American convert phenomenon which is your field of expertise? And that's quite a rich phenomenon, especially from a sociological pov, to boot.
    C. Ilea

  2. Is your position really so weak that all you can do is try to diss me? Really :-)? 'Cause that's just sad. You let me know where in the history of the mainstream Churches overlapping territories were canonized as normative (they certainly weren't during the Cypriot Church's exile!) and I'll be excited for the Church of Romania's interference outside its canonical territory.

    And if you read the original Greek-language article it was far more pointed than my comments were. Now maybe Greeks are converts too, but what do I know? I am, after all, just an ignorant convert who could never possibly be really Orthodox...

  3. QED
    "This parish came under our jurisdiction out the faithful's desire. Befoe that it belonged to the Ukrainian Vicariate..."
    The Ukrainians of Romania (only in Bucovina, Transilvania and Banat) are not the sort that are Moscow a"""kissers. I bet they wold rather go under the Albanian church before they would go under Moscow.
    C. Ilea

  4. Then transfer them to the Kiev Patriarchate! God forbid we should be Orthodox first and our nationality second! ;-)