Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pope Kyrillos VI's Relics Incorrupt

This is somewhat dated, but apparently the relics of Pope Cyril VI (al-Baramosy) of Alexandria have been found to be incorrupt (see here). The monks of Deir Mar Mina, the monastery near Alexandria where St. Cyril's relics repose, became concerned in January 2007 when they noticed smoke coming from his tomb. Opening the relics, they found them to be incorrupt and holding a warm loaf of prosphora.

The practice of the Coptic Orthodox Church does not allow for the glorification of a saint less than 50 years after his or her death (Pope Cyril died in 1971), but St. Cyril worked many wonders and miracles during his lifetime and is widely venerated by Copts and other Orthodox Christians in Egypt and throughout the world.

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