Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Notes on the Life of St. Seraphim of Sitka

A good review of the life of another relatively unknown American Orthodox saint, St. Seraphim of Sitka and Uglich, can be found here. He was born and educated in Russia, but was tonsured to the little schema and ordained to the priesthood here in North America during his service in Alaska. Like many of our lesser known saints, he later returned to Russia, becoming prominent in the resistance to the Bolsheviks within the hierarchy and being martyred for this.

In the dark times after St. Tikhon's death (the same St. Tikhon who made St. Seraphim a monk and later Bishop of Uglich) his nominated successors were one by one arrested, as were the successors they nominated for themselves. When this happened to St. Seraphim he was asked by the Soviets who he would nominate to lead the Russian Orthodox Church in his absence (so that they could arrest these nominees as well) and he, knowing their plans, commended the Church of Rus' to the care of the Lord Himself, in which I'm sure it remains.

May God save and protect us through the prayers of our Holy Father Seraphim! His blessings and prayers be with us all.

Pictured is St. Seraphim after his consecration to the episcopacy.

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