Saturday, December 4, 2010

Expect the Unexpected

My trusty laptop recently died. It'd been in hospice for a while and I had hope that it would make it to the New Year, but alas, its appointed time came Thursday morning :-(. Thank God I was already planning on picking up my new laptop next weekend, but in the meantime my internet access might be hit and miss. (I'm using a friend's old laptop right now, but it's on life support itself, so God knows how long it will last.) In the meantime posts that I've already scheduled will continue to automatically post at their appointed times (like the quotes of the day and the interview with Fr. Pimen), but I can't make any guarantees for anything beyond that.

Your prayers, as always! 'Fasting without prayer is the fast of demons' and I fear I've already fallen into that sort of fasting not even a week into this year's Prophets' Fast :-/. I hope this finds you well in God's mercy wherever you are!

With love, The Management. ;-)

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