Saturday, November 27, 2010

Antiochian Orthodox Priest Received into the Milan Synod

This has already been well reported elsewhere, but one of the priests recently dismissed by Metropolitan Philip (Saliba) of New York was received into the Milan Synod of the Western Orthodox Church, an Old Calendrist movement associated with Archbishop Auxentios (Pastras) of Athens of blessed memory (before his synod fell apart) and later with the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church (before its takeover by the ex-KGB hierarchs led by Patriarch Philaret (Denisenko) of Kiev), this past Wednesday. The priest in question will be serving a new Byzantine Rite mission of the Milan Synod in southern Pennsylvania. The Milan Synod's announcement can be found here.

Pictured are hierarchs of the Milan Synod and its sister synod in Greece concelebrating the Holy Liturgy together.


  1. Hi Jon Marc, Christ is Born!

    I just wanted to make a quick not on naming conventions. The official name of the Milan Synod is the "Autonomous Orthodox Metropolia of Western Europe and the Americas". It is not part of the "Western Orthodox Church", since there is no such thing; Christ established only one Orthodox Church. We are often referred to as "Western Orthodox" because we are jurisdictionally Western (our primatial sees are in the West) and because we have a number of parishes using Western rites from before the schism (Ambrosian, Old English/"Sarum", et cetera).

  2. Glorify Him! Thank you for your corrections Fr. Joseph! I've seen it so referred to somewhere (forgive me, but I've forgotten where) and that aside, the official name is somewhat cumbersome :-/. I'll just refer to it as the Milan Synod in the future though! (Unless there's something more appropriate preferred by the clergy/faithful of the Synod?)